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All about Hemorrhoids and how to Prevent and Treat

When the internal or external veins around the lower rectum swell, the condition is referred to as Hemorrhoids. The two kinds of hemorrhoids can be thrombosed hemorrhoids. Haemorrhoids can also be a type that don t bleed. It is advisable to see a doctor in case of a bleeding thrombosed external hemorrhoid. Research has shown that 50% of the people at the age of 50 has suffered from this condition. According to research, at the age of 50 years, almost 50% of people experience this condition. Hemorrhoids can occur without been detected. Several factors can cause hemorrhoids as outline below.

They can be caused by sitting in one place, be it a toilet, office desk or home for a prolonged period. People have a tendency of doing things such as reading or been on phone while in the toilet.

hemorrhoids are also caused by eating food low in fiber. With a lower fiber diet, one will have to a strained bowel movement, thus develop hemorrhoids. Blood does not flow correctly when straining during bowel movements. Lifting heavyweight objects and engaging in activities that require much strength also affect the flow of blood.

While pregnant, the woman can easily develop hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids rash due to constipation. Due to the enlargement of the uterus during pregnancy, pressure is mounted on the veins of the lower rectum, causing hemorrhoids. Although they are not harmful to the baby or the mother, they are quite uncomfortable and sometimes itchy.

Ways of preventing and treating hemorrhoids at home.

Hemorrhoids can be prevented as well as treated. Eat food that will not cause constipation and take a lot of water like 10 glasses in a day. High fiber diet will also prevent hemorrhoids greatly. Same case ad drinking water, it ensures your bowel movement is good, and there is no constipation. Avoid holding long or short calls as this can cause constipation. If the stool is too hard, and you feel constipated, consult a physician to prescribe the best laxatives for softening the stool.

Avoid sitting in the toilet or anywhere else for a prolonged period to avoid straining and allow for an adequate flow of blood. When one sits down for a longer time, rectal veins remain under pressure, thus the need for walking around from time to time.

Take a warm bath as a way of treating hemorrhoids at home. Sit in a basin or convenient container with warm water for about 15 minutes or so. Do this for two to three times in a day. Haemorrhoid rash can form if the rectum area is damp, thus ensure it remains dry throughout the day. Hemorrhoid rash can also be as a result of using wipes with alcohol as an active ingredient. Try to have a bath every day and pat dry the rectum area. Avoid using a tissue paper to dry the area especially after the bowel movement and instead use a moist toilet paper that is alcohol-free.

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